Rich in benefits, fluoroscopy is a specialized x-ray imaging method used to help doctors diagnose disease and administer treatments. Learn about the science, the benefits, and the experience.

What is fluoroscopy?
Fluoroscopy is a detailed study of the moving structures of the body. This might include your skeletal, digestive, urinary, respiratory, or reproductive systems. It is administered on its own or in conjunction with a treatment or surgery.

During a fluoroscopy procedure, we pass an x-ray beam through your body—and transmit it to a monitor in a continuous x-ray “movie,” displayed in real time. The movie shows how your system is working, or guides your physician during a treatment or surgery. Sometimes, we’ll use a contrast agent or dye to increase the visible detail.

If you’re concerned about your level of radiation exposure from previous scans or x-rays, or have conditions (such as kidney issues, pregnancy, or allergies) that concern you, we encourage you to discuss the benefits, risks, and alternatives with your doctor.

What should I expect from this test?
Your experience will depend on the context: some fluoroscopy exams can be performed while you’re awake, while others require mild sedation to general anesthesia. We’ll provide specific instructions based on the exact examination you’re scheduled for.

In some cases, you will need to fast. Upon scheduling we’ll provide specific instructions based on the exact examination you’re scheduled for. If you are asked to fast, please do not eat, drink, or take any medications after midnight the night prior to your test. You’ll be asked to remove all piercings and jewelry, wear a gown, and either stand up or lie down (depending on the target area). Fluoroscopy itself is not painful, but the procedure yours is being combined with could have associated discomfort.

The whole time, we’ll be standing by to discuss your questions or concerns, or assist with anything that could help you feel more comfortable and at ease. Simply let us know.

What’s next?
Depending on your procedure, we’ll let you know when you can gather your things and go.

Our expert radiologists will immediately review the images and send a same-day report to your physician.